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Feed God's Hungry Children is on a mission to Abolish Child Hunger.

Millions of children are dying every day from hunger and diseases that are made worse by undernutrition. This heartbreaking reality should not be accepted as the norm. We can make a difference and give hope to these children. Your support of Feed God’s Hungry Children can help provide basic nutritional needs and save lives. Every gift of compassion can change lives one child at a time. Please join us in this fight against hunger and disease and be part of a much better tomorrow. Your contribution can make a world of difference. Please consider supporting Feed God’s Hungry Children today.

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How do you end Child Hunger? You start with Nutritious Fruits & Vegetables.

3 Proven areas of focus help distribute, supply and provide children the nutrition needed to help prevent Child Hunger.

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Feed God's Hungry Children's mission is to compassionately prevent Child Hunger and provide for children who may be suffering from its effects. Let us come together to ensure that no child goes without the basic necessities they need to thrive. Your generous donations can make a difference in the lives of these children.

Why is Feed God's Hungry Children helping to solve Child Hunger

To end Child Hunger, we must work together to bring nutritious food to the children who need it most.
How Many Children Can You Save Today?
$93 Could Provide 3 Meals a Day for 5 Hungry Children for a Month.

What you give today will help prevent Child Hunger in the lives of many tomorrow.

We're on a mission to #StopChild Hunger! Join our network of heroes and begin changing lives today.

Together We're On A Plan To End Child Hunger.

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We’ve helped provide more than 2,002,250 meals to over 240,270 children in need. Join In Today! Each dollar you give will multiply 5x to provide much-needed food and essentials for children.

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When you give to Feed God’s Hungry Children, you’re joining a movement of countless others with a shared belief that there should be no Child Hunger.

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